Super-high frequency induction heating equipment

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Super-high frequency induction heating equipment



Main components:

1. Small-type intermediate-induction heating power supply
2. Compensation capacitance box
3. Hydraulic feeding system
4. 端料或整料加熱爐;
5. Frame

Outstanding advantages:

1. Super-small Dimensions, floor area less than 1 square meter, continuous 24-hour operation
2. Saving of electricity and power
3. Convenient installation and operation, easy to learn
4. Rapidly heating through, decrease in surface oxidation, saving materials
5. Prevention of surface decarburization, forging quality enhancement, increase in tooling lifespan
6. Operation environment improved extremely
7. Lowering production cost

  PRZ-40 PRZ-60 PRZ-80 PRZ-100
Output power 40KW 60KW 80KW 100KW
Output voltage 70-55V 70-55V 70-55V 70-55V
Output frequency 0.5-25KHZ 0.5-25KHZ 0.5-25KHZ 0.5-25KHZ
Weight 35KG 40KG 50KG 60KG
Applications 15-35bars 15-50bars


50bars above



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